Living Dreams

I have to say and I know a ton of you out there agree that due to some crazy planetary alignments, 2016 may have been the most challenging year yet, out of the thirty I have spent here already! Yes thats right, I am 30! ‘No way!’I hear (most of you) cry, unfortunately not everyone is blown away by how old I am.  But for the most part it’s shocking, most of all to me sometimes!

So I’m going to be 31 next month, unlike a lot of my friends, beginning my fourth decade on this planet was pretty exciting, it meant a whole load of grown up developments were to be coming my way- further developing my career and starting a business, getting married and planning, instead of just dreaming about, having children. But going on how quickly the twenties flew past, 31 just feels way too close to 40 already!

This year I have faced many a demon, I have continued my journey to other parts of the world that are considered ‘foreign’ and have ticked quite a few things off my list. Looking back I realise just how many challenges I have faced so it makes sense I had some definite low times.

The first huge thing I did after turning 30 was to take a chance on a long distant love and move (again) to another country, specifically a huge, amazing and daunting city named New York, which counts as the second big thing I did to start 2016 off.

The next hurdle to try and leap over was to change career paths from teaching/ nannying to  working in the fashion industry. My desire to work in fashion began at the mere age of 6 when I filled my entire rainy day playtime book with designs of dresses. This fire continued to be stoked as I learnt to sew in my Textiles lessons at school and also from my mum, my first item of clothing was a pair of hugely wide legged trousers made from uniform grey for school and were sewn entirely by hand! I thought I was the bomb!

Once I had my degree in fashion I pursued a career in teaching the subject of Textiles which eventually led me to become a traveling governess for two incredible girls, fulfilling my other lifelong dream of traveling the world!

Luckily along the way, I met an amazing man who brought me to New York and encouraged me to follow my creative path.

This excited and terrified me, location (and I can admit this now) fear had held me back from previously pursuing this inherent part of me, despite doing exceedingly well in my studies and tending to be the most successful member of my class, I had somehow lost my way by the end of it all.

Turning 30 did something to me, it made me realise just how quickly the last 30 years had already gone and that I hadn’t got very far in achieving my lifelong dream of working in fashion and having my own business! Up until now, I had focused on a career that although wasn’t my lifelong dream would always be of benefit to me and would also help me to travel the world. It had also allowed me to stay in a country I had fallen in love with itself and it’s people-Wales.

So I went out and got myself an internship with who I believe is the coolest designer in New York. I then went on to juggle two more internships which were close to being a waste of time. It was sometimes a struggle to work for free, especially at an age where you feel you should be earning at least the minimum wage if not mega bucks but it has all been worth it!

This year I got married, I lost and made friendships. I went to my lowest place and somehow got back to the top again. I began a blog and a business. I began a new career. I started volunteering again after a long hiatus. I continue to assess who I am and how to be better, how I can contribute to making the world a better place and living out my purpose.

These are just small endeavors but starting things and trying means a lot more to me than the end result used to. It’s extremely important to me to remind myself that the only constant in life is change, that the ideal life is not always looming on the horizon, just out of reach as something you are working towards having, it’s what you make of the present in every living moment because that is the only reality that exists.

I’m seriously excited for 2017 and I really hope everyone gets to live out their dreams, if you dream it enough I believe it will.



4 thoughts on “Living Dreams

  1. Love the idea of embracing the present instead of holding out for a future that’s just beyond reach. Sounds like it’s been quite the ride, here’s to an amazing year ahead! 😊


  2. It’s always wonderful to read a well expressed life flow. Very well put and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.


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