Leopard Print Nails DIY

What you’ll need:


  • Two contrasting/ complimentary colours ie purple and aqua

  • A clear top coat (a high quality one is recommended here because otherwise it can dry tackily which we all know is highly annoying!)

  • Black nail pen

  • (You could get a leopard print image to copy)


    Paint the base coat, I always encourage 2-3 coats for a solid colour and leave it to dry properlyimg_2842

    Start blobbing on your contrasting colour as randomly as possible, doing 3-4 blobs per nail, again really leave to dry properly. Patience is necessary here!img_2848

    Draw black lines around two opposite sides of the blobs. Leave to dry, again!img_2849

    Top coat that beautiful nail art up!! Again, if you can actually handle it you can do 3 coats which can make it last up to 3 weeks sometimes!img_2850

    Go out and show them nails off!



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