Velvet Leggings DIY

It’s here! The Velvet Age is upon us! Does anyone else notice and find it funny that whenever a trend has departed us (I think I remember it being popular back in the 90’s?) we all look back on ourselves as fools for partaking in it or possibly even denying that we ever did and then, low and behold, it comes back around to haunt us! And is it actually better than the first time around or does the saying ‘ time is the only healer’ also apply particularly well to fashion?!

After a century of revolutionary fashion, it is hard to take it to many new realms so understandably it’s all about reinventing things and I do believe each time a trend is ‘re-done’ it does indeed improve. How could it not, with all our wonderful technological developments in fabric manufacture?

Stretch velvet is the new velvet and I’ve been obsessing over it for quite some time, prior to this I collected a little inspiration in my Velvet-tastic post and I finally got around to making these velvet leggings which, excuse me but, I can’t stop stroking and they also happen to keep me incredibly warm!


I used this amazingly accurate and cheap pattern from which I cannot recommend enough!



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