How to be a mermaid

Inside tips on being a mermaid

1. This one is vital to all folk, mer and non mer alike- start believing in yourself

2. Everyone knows mermaids have anything but real colored hair so head down to your nearest Ricky’s to pick up some bleach and some cosmic color to give people the impression you must be a figment of their imagination.


3. Practice your mermaid moves in your REAL mermaid tail preferably in a color to complement your hair


4. Come up with your own mermaid alias, using your hair’s color scheme for inspiration, such as Azure, Coral Candy or Elysium.

IMG_7989 1

5. If you’re a mermaid living on land you’re going to have to discard the sparkly sea shells that cover your two pearls, in exchange for something more practical that humans won’t notice so much. Luckily mermaids are in and there is a whole slew of mermaid garb out there on websites such as Etsy, Amazon, Black Milk and Dolls Kill, where you can find anything and everything from mermaid chokers to mermaid hip flasks.

mermaid top.jpg


6. Now to cover your scaly legs but still stay true to your deep sea self, you’re going to need some mermaid-esque leggings such as these, which you can find on Etsy.


7. Try to own as many items made of green and turquoise iridescent sequins as you possibly can, such as this incredible dress by Isolated Heroes and bomber jacket by Jaded London.


8. Accessorise with fake pearls or any necklaces involving a countless number of beads


9. To carry your seaweed snacks, dinglehoppers and your conch cell you are going to need this fabulous seashell bag by Skinny Dip or this fanny pack (made my me).


mer bag.jpg


10. Last but by no sea-dreams least, you are going to need some extraordinary shoes such as these Haunt Holographic Platforms by ROC at $80.


As somewhat of a lone mermaid here in the city, I would love to find fellow ones, so if you’re out there, let me know! 🙂


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