The Best of Holographic Fashion

The Skirt…

is by Chain Candy at $69, a New York based brand which is actually a bunch of FIT students from what I gather, good for them. The only problem being is they will take an entire two months to make it.


The Sneakers…

are by far the most supreme and are sold by Nike for $160-$200, depending on where you’re shopping. These are harder and harder to come by now so good luck to you, aren’t they just glorious?!

holo sneaks.jpg

The Raincoat…

I’ve searched high and low and nowhere is hoarding any secret emergency supplies of this mermaid slash unicorn raincoat, much to my utmost dismay! It was even reduced to $10 at one point on Pretty Little Things, whyyyyyy did I miss it?!


The Leggings…

These intergalactic leggings from Wild Love Clothing on Etsy, are by far the most cosmic. They also have the advantage of the wide waistband which combats any possible muffin top issues, they are priced at $45.


The Bag…

This has to the most desirable backpack on the holographic block! It’s by Skinny Dip and you can find it on Dolls Kill for $60.


The Platforms…

are by Y.R.U. and are by far the most outrageous, with their contrasting white tread soles and industrial harness straps, combined with the magical iridescent fabric which reflects all colours of the spectrum. These are hard to beat. You can find them on Dolls Kill for $125 but their website has a slew of outrageous shoe goodness you have to see!


The Boots…

Just one more for the feet! These bad boys are called Slayr Reflective, in low light they will appear as a shimmering grey, in the sunshine they’ll be bouncing rainbows around at every opportunity! They’re from my new favourite shoe site Y.R.U. and are $135.




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