Why Vermont is My New Favourite State

Falling in love with the state that is green

As a foreigner who is kind of obsessed with America, which unfortunately I have to admit is actually rare for a British person, I have a list of states I want to visit with a rough top three until I tick them off and replace them with my next most desirable states. Vermont was my most recent to tick off the list. This is where we decided to spend our honeymoon, seeing as I can’t leave the country until my green card arrives!

I am lucky to have a husband who really enjoys camping and took great joy in planning the whole trip for us, making it all pure pleasure for me!

I was eager to write this blog post as a way of recording such a special trip and to give you an idea of some of the best reasons for visiting the state of Vermont.

First stop- Emerald Lake (near Manchester)

Once I heard we were going to be staying at Emerald Lake, I had a dreamlike vision of what it must be like and I wasn’t disappointed. I also knew that I would want to spend more time there than we had planned. I was right on both accounts! I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

We would go for an early morning and afternoon swim in the beautifully clear lake and on the island was the surprise treat of a rope swing!
The perfect moment to debut my mermaid ‘kini!
Our first fire pit sucked! Poor Harrison had to work day and night to feed me! Hint- don’t go to site 36
Harrison got all excited and bought loads of camping stuff such as this ‘bladder’ that holds water and includes a solar panel type material to heat it up, unfortunately the sun never hit it enough for us but we still found it really handy for washing up!
An example of the beautiful quality of eggs up in Vermont


Whilst initially I was super excited to stuff and eat these gigantic Portobellos, we couldn’t handle their overpowering mushroom flavour!
I’ve been so excited by all the wildlife I have had the opportunity to see since being here in America, it is far more varied than in the UK. This was the second chipmunk I have ever seen, I had no idea there were so small! I fell in love with every single one! 

I am always emotionally overcome when I get to see fireflies, I have had a lifelong curiosity about them and my first moment seeing them was actually in Washington Square Park. Seeing them out in the woods was on a whole other level.


Second Stop- Buttermilk Falls (Ludlow)

We really fell in love with this spot, it’s so easy to get to from the road and it may only be small but it is purely magical, I went for a refreshing dip and meditated on that flat rock beside the falls- bliss.


Third Stop- Andrie Rose Inn (Ludlow)

We loved this B&B, it had such a cozy vibe and a hot tub!

Photo courtesy of  andrieroseinn.com

As a child Harrison had spent many a ski season and summer in this area of Vermont and insisted we had to try the doughnuts which were called Old-Fashioned doughnuts at the Sweet Surrender Bakery, which I loved for the name alone and luckily the doughnuts did it justice too.

Have you ever seen a ski slope minus the snow before? There’s definitely something eery about it.

Fourth Stop- Half Moon Pond

We were so lucky to get the last camping spot that this site had to offer, seeing as it was a Saturday, not too good on the forward thinking us two. We were even luckier that it turned out to be such a great spot too which also happened to be number 36. It was in the middle of a group of sites but raised upon a hill so we had the perfect amount of privacy.

This also happened to be where we had the most incredible experience, I heard an unusual noise directly behind Harry which at first made me wonder how Harry could make this crazy noise and how I had never heard him do it before. He then turned around to look and we saw that an owl had landed right above us both! Yet another magical moment in nature to add to my growing list.


Fifth Stop- Burlington

Burlington Town


Dobra Tea (Burlington)

When the rain came down we wondered what we should do and oh my, were we glad that it did rain because otherwise we would never have found this charmingly ethnic tea room.

They have the most gigantic assortment of tea from every tea making country out there. They also have a large selection of healthy ethnic treats including many sweet options.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and soothing experience as we delighted in our own corner of the room, complete with floor cushions and wall rugs.


Sinclair Inn


This time I was given the task of finding us somewhere to stay for the night and not to boast but researching and successfully finding amazing things online is my forte! Sinclair was no exception, in fact it has to be the best B&B either of us have ever stayed in.

The owners had left California to embark upon the B&B dream and they were doing the best job of it! We could not pick one fault with the bedrooms on offer, they were immaculate. The inn welcomed us with homemade cookies, a fridge stocked up with water, cokes and even beer (!) plus a coffee machine.

The breakfast was better than any hotel experience, it consisted of granola, fruit and yoghurt followed by poached eggs in a tomato sauce, which was an incredibly rich and delicious way to start the day! It was enhanced by meeting a lovely bunch of people at the table who we ended up spending almost two hours chatting away with!


Sixth Stop- New Discovery State Park

This really was a new discovery to us as we ended up here due to Smuggler’s Notch being full that night! But we were so happy with this campsite. It was almost empty which is of course a shame in some ways but we reveled in being secluded in our little spot at number 24, although I did have a couple of nervous moments during my solo setting up of the tent, there was some serious rustling out in that wilderness! But doesn’t it look serene?!


Harrison’s new fire stoking glove!


Lotus Lodge, Bolton Valley

Another spontaneous find was this past time ski lodge come wellness centre and what a great find it was! It’s a really new venture between a group of three people who have been cosmically drawn together on the quest for wellness!

All the rooms have been named as compliments, ours was “You are Magical” and I found it pretty delightful when she read the room name out to me.

The Medicine Wheel
The Outdoor Chill Area-including a hot tub
Reception Area
I have to agree!
Our lovely big bed for the night
Cozy Corner!
Funky faux fireplace
Our room was also numbered 11, this note explained the magical significance of said number which I am also a keen believer of!
The Restaurant yet also chill area
Mmm, that chair!

Ben and Jerry’s, Waterbury

I remember the time when Ben and Jerry’s came to us across the pond and it was like some sort of frozen legend had wandered in on a white ice cream horse, everyone was obsessed with it and still is. It was pretty exciting to move to America and discover that supermarkets allowed the ice cream to take over a whole half of an aisle! Even more exciting was that they also devoted two whole big freezers solely to Ben and Jerry’s!

So as you can imagine, I got pretty worked up over the opportunity to see where the frozen magic happens! I also got to read about their journey as a business and I would encourage anyone to rethink their condemnation of B&J for selling out until you have read about it too!

The Suburban and the Airstream

After leaving Ben and Jerry’s wonderland we came across this amazing duo at the gas station. I have a huge love for retro cars and of course Airstreams so I jumped out of the car, barely able to control my excitement and asked giddily if I could take some pictures.

The owner told me the car is a Suburban and the Airstream model was a Bambi. This is possibly the coolest transport duo I have ever come across and it was just by chance! Tt also happens to be in my favourite colour.


Falls of Lana, Salisbury

We were lucky to be recommended the Falls of Lana by a couple of volunteers we met while waiting for the rope swing in Emerald Lake. They were right, there was something ultimately mystical about this spot. Do you know that feeling where you’ve discovered something so beautiful, natural and incredible, that nothing of the modern world could ever compare? In that moment, I never wanted to come back to Manhattan! We had the whole pool and falls to ourselves and it was heaven on earth.


Crystal Lake, Northeast Kingdom

Once we reached the very top of Vermont which was Crystal Lake, of the charmingly named, Northeast Kingdom, we took in the breathtaking views from the mountain overlooking the lake (without taking any photographs I’m afraid) and headed back down to Emerald Lake to enjoy our favourite campsite before heading back to the city.

I have to say it was quite a shock to drive back into Manhattan after 11 days of mostly wilderness. I’d love to hear your experiences of Vermont or similar escapes from the city too!



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