Bum Bag DIY

90's bum bag

We all remember the joke that was the bum bag (or fanny pack depending on where you’re from) of the 80’s/90’s geek come tourist and here it is in all it’s techno colour glory. One could definitely argue it’s cause- ultra practicality and safety for all those European backpacking trips and family holidays that somehow wander into dangerous territory, like the mean streets of New York that were in existence during those decades, such as I’ve heard and seen in the movies. Of course you’d want a way of hiding your money, and unbelievably money was all one had to worry about pre-cell phone days!

For years now, I’ve sought a desirable bum bag, a desire for which arose from the flames of weekend long festivals. The one time when a woman doesn’t want to carry her essentials plus a bunch of non essential items i.e. crap in a fabulous handbag that demonstrates her exquisite sense of style. She wants to feel born free, able to rave around with her hands up in the air like she just don’t care. But at the same time she does care, she cares about adorning her body with sparkly wonders and if the bum bag that allows the freedom does not provide the style, she’d rather stick with the more cumbersome bag and that bag will inevitably bounce in the opposite direction to her.

Unfortunately I did not jump on the bandwagon ahead of the masses and offer up these fabulous fanny packs I had swimming around in my imagination way back when but I am doing it now and here are the sparkle-tastic results:

with jacket2
Warrior-Rave-Queen Style

Front View

Mermaid Style


If you want to have the perfect combination of glitz, glamour and practicality you can purchase the above packs here




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