Barcade- MY First NY Hot Spot

Speaking As a Tourist Come Resident of New York

While I was a young fashion student all the way back in 2006, I visited New York with my little fashion class from Wales.I was mostly dazzled by the towering buildings, especially the surreal feeling I call the ‘outdoor corridor’ effect, caused by the rows of buildings blocking out the sun! I loved that feeling because it was entirely novel at the time and I still marvel at it today. Simple things right?

But I also left feeling indifferent to New York. I can only conclude that this was due first of all being almost exclusively exposed to the tourist attractions but also to the way our impression of New York is so heavily influenced by television. If you think about it, the majority of TV shows and so many films are set in New York. That sets a high expectation for any visitor. The problem is, if you don’t know the cool spots off the tourist map, you are not going to have an experience anything like the one you should expect to have.

Now that I live here I am slowly discovering all the treasures NYC has to offer, so read on and I’ll keep you posted on MY NY HOT SPOTs on a regular basis.

My first (and cheap!) recommendation simply has to be Barcade which has a choice of three locations, two being in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn:

Barcade W 24th St, Chelsea

barcade 24th

Barcade St. Marks, The East Village


Barcade Williamsburg, Brooklyn

barcade williamsburg

This was on my list of places for quite a while and it did not disappoint. It’s basically a child’s dream on steroids with the added charm of having the choice to drink while you game, and if you’re not one of the 7 billion people who love beer (like me) they have a sweet cider which I am in love with.

They have all the old goodies and much more: Pacman, Crazy Taxi and Ninja Turtles being some of the classics on offer. There’s nothing they don’t have that I’m missing and even if you’re not into games, the beer selection seems to be a big pull and there’s bound to be at least one game you can get into there.

One of the really great things about this place, not to mention utterly surprising, is how cheap it is! You can play a lot of the games on just a 1 quarter token which is actually cheaper than any arcade game I can ever remember playing! It certainly beats paying $3 entry fee plus $6 a person, per game in a certain oversized feline named bar in my neighbourhood!


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