Rainbow Shorts DIY

This is one of those other things I have been DYEING to try! Get it? Of course you do, I’m a sucker for puns and I do apologize. So here they are in all their rainbow glory and you can even buy them here!


First of all I decided to buy a cheap, pair of shorts from Ebay for $5, bleach them and then dye them. Unfortunately that did not work out because the shorts can’t have been 100% cotton and having no care label to tell me otherwise, I just figured that out when the dye didn’t take properly BOTH times ūüė¶


Second time around I took the plunge and headed to my forever faithful Forever 21 in Union Square. I bought a lovely pair of white, 100% cotton denim shorts with a 26″ waist (my second mistake as really I’m 27″) and almost ran home to get my dye on once more!

This all the equipment you will need:

IMG_6957 copy.jpg

How to:

  1. First of all you soak them in a solution of soda ash and 500ml of warm water for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Tie sections up tightly with your elastic bands.
  3. Put a bag in-between the front and back in an effort to protect them from the dye
  4. I had these dyes pre-mixed from other endeavors so I got to work with them. They are straight colors of turquoise, magenta and blue, plus my own color concoctions of purple, a lemon and golden yellow combination and a jade color.
  5. Now¬†it’s just a case of experimenting and deciding how you want your colors to go together and blend.
  6. Then it’s a waiting game! It needs a minimum of 4 hours which is all I could manage this time and was ideal for the pastel shades I was aiming to create. For more vibrancy I’m afraid you are gonna have to try and make it through a whole 24 hours, Jack Bower style!
  7. Rinse under cold water as much as you can and then untie your elastic bands, try not to break them so you can use them again and again. Wash again until the water is relatively clear, then wash on a cold cycle on it’s own just incase!

Low and behold they go perfectly with my Seadream Gladiators! I am also modeling the perfect rainbow accessories- the¬†Aurora and the Divino Bracelet by Laruicci.¬†This pair were just a little too tight so I’m selling them on my Etsy page!

I’d love to see pictures of your own rainbow shorts or if you would like to make a special request for your own magical color combination, then just ask!


4 thoughts on “Rainbow Shorts DIY

  1. Hi Giraffe Queen! I swear by Procion MX dyes. You can buy a basic tie dye kit with the 6 colours you need to make a multitude of blends and shades but they have tonnes of other colours you can buy separately too. Check out http://www.dharmatrading.com and please post a picture if you make your own!


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