Mermaid Hair


Time to share how I got my mermaid hair…

First of all of, achieving any kind of cosmically colourful and fancy ombre hair is a lot easier than it looks! It is definitely better to have the blankest canvas possible for achieving true to package results but you can still play with colours without the platinum base a lot of the time!

I used these, in order from the top to the bottom of my head:

  • ION Mint x 2* and 1x  ION Azure $5.49 from Sally’s.
  • For the ends I had some Splat Lavender leftover which in fact looks nothing like the box on blonde hair, it’s even better and brighter

*I highly recommend getting two of the mint or whichever colour you use for the colour at the top of your head because that is where you’re covering the most hair


I don’t have a step by step picture tutorial but trust me, you don’t need one it’s so easy


3 plastic bowls/ containers specifically for hair dyeing and not for eating with!

Tint brush

Gloves (latex are the best for maintaining dexterity!)

Old towel

Fine tooth comb for blending

*An old top if you have one, however most of these dyes easily wash out of your clothes!

  1. Begin with as light blonde hair as possible! This is your blank canvas.
  2. Put on your gloves and empty the contents of your dye into a container each
  3. Begin with the top of your head, plaster on the colour starting at the front and making sure you coat both on top and underneath of the hair. You can use your fingers or your tint brush, I use both
  4. I keep doing this until I reach about chin length
  5. I then add the Azure which I do about halfway down to the ends of my hair, leaving an equally sized section for the last colour- Lavender. I also blend the Mint with the Azure and the Azure with the Lavender using a fine tooth comb, this really helps to create a subtle blend and is very easy
  6. Do a quality check by hopefully finding someone to scan your head for any blonde bits left! You can always awkwardly use a mirror and a phone to check the back of your head like I do!
  7. Leave in for at least 30 minutes but the longer you leave it in, the more intense the colour and the longer it lasts for (it seems)
  8. Wash out and use a little bit of shampoo to help ensure there’s no colour run onto the shoulders of your clothes or your pillows!
  9. And Voila!!


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